Faculty Members

Prof. Nail Akar
Office: EE-504
Phone: 290-2337
E-Mail: akaree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Performance evaluation of computer and communication networks, future Internet, wireless and optical networks, queueing systems and Markov chains
Prof. Erdal Arıkan
Office: EE 505
Phone: 290 1347
E-Mail: arikanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Information Theory and Coding, Communication Systems
Prof. Orhan Arıkan
Office: EE-501
Phone: 290-1219, 290-1257
E-Mail: oarikanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Digital signal processing, Processing of radar signals, Time-frequency analysis, Inverse problems, Adaptive systems, Remote sensing
Prof. Abdullah Atalar
Office: EE 302
Phone: 290 1213
E-Mail: aatalarbilkent.edu.tr
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Analog and digital integrated circuit design, micromachined sensors
Prof. Ergin Atalar
Office: EE 403
Phone: 290 1161
E-Mail: erginee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Image guided medical interventions, magnetic resonance imaging, antenna design for MRI.
Prof. Orhan Aytür
Office: EE 308
Phone: 290 2748
E-Mail: ayturee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Optics and photonics, quantum optics, nonlinear optics, lasers, optoelectronics.
Prof. Billur Barshan
Office: EE 404
Phone: 290 2161
E-Mail: billuree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Intelligent sensors and systems, wearable sensing, wearable robots and mechanisms, motion capture and analysis, detection and classification of falls, machine learning, sensor-based robotics, ultrasonic, optical, and inertial sensing, multi-sensor data fusion.
Assoc. Prof. Tolga Çukur
Office: EE 304
Phone: 290 1164
E-Mail: cukuree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Computational Neuroscience, Biomedical Imaging, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Signal and Image Processing
Prof. Hilmi Volkan Demir
Office: EE 507
Phone: 290 1021
E-Mail: volkanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Semiconductor LED lighting, FRET-based photovoltaic light harvesting and light generation, Energy transfer phenomena, Nanocrystal optoeletronics Metal nanoparticle and nanowire plasmonics,RF wireless sensors, RF bioimplants, Medical devices, Peptide optoelectronics
Prof. Tolga Mete Duman
Office: EE 406
Phone: 290 3394
E-Mail: dumanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Wireless and mobile communications, information theory, coding/modulation, multi-user and multi-antenna systems, physical-layer security, underwater acoustic communications
Prof. Vakur Behçet Ertürk
Office: EE 401
Phone: 290 3154
E-Mail: vakuree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Theoretical and computational electromagnetics, numerical methods, communications
Prof. Sinan Gezici
Office: EE 503
Phone: 290 3139
E-Mail: geziciee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Statistical signal processing, wireless communications, communications theory
Prof. Yusuf Ziya İder
Office: EE 202
Phone: 290 2339
E-Mail: ideree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Electrical impedance tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, acquisition and processing of physiological signals, PC based instrumentation
Assoc. Prof. Fatih Ömer İlday
Office: EE 506
Phone: 290 2479
E-Mail: ildayee.bilkent.edu.tr
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High-power and high-energy fiber lasers, mode-locked fiber lasers, nonlinear and ultrafast optics, biomedical applications of lasers, nonlinear and stochastic dynamics, micro- and nano-structuring of matter via laser light, nanophotonics
Prof. Ezhan Karaşan
Office: EE 508
Phone: 290 1308
E-Mail: ezhanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Performance analysis and design of communication networks, next-generation optical networks based on WDM, future generation wireless networks including 5G.
Res. Asst. Prof. Aykut Koç
Office: EE 305
Phone: 290 1477
E-Mail: aykut.kocbilkent.edu.tr
Natural Language Processing, Signal Processing, Statistical Semantics, Applications of Statistical Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning.
Prof. Hayrettin Köymen
Office: EE 303
Phone: 290 2457
E-Mail: koymenee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Acoustic imaging, linear and finite amplitude acoustics, medical instrumentation, processing and modeling of physiological signals
Prof. Süleyman Serdar Kozat
Office: EE 309
Phone: 290 2336
E-Mail: kozatee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Machine learning, big data and analytics, deep learning, CyberSecurity, digital signal processing
Dr. Mehmet Alper Kutay
Office: EE-509
Phone: 1557
E-Mail: kutayee.bilkent.edu.tr
Senior lecturer
Prof. Ömer Morgül
Office: EE 408
Phone: 290 1529
E-Mail: morgulee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Linear and nonlinear systems, distributed parameter systems, control of flexible structures, nonlinear dynamics, neural networks
Prof. Levent Onural
Office: EE 502
Phone: 290 1263
E-Mail: onuralee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Signal and image processing, video processing, holography, diffraction, signal processing for diffraction and holography, 3DTV
Prof. Haldun Özaktaş
Office: EE405
Phone: 290 1619
E-Mail: haldunee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Optical information processing, signal and image processing, optoelectronic and optically interconnected computing systems
Prof. Ekmel Özbay
Office: EE 307
Phone: 290 1966
E-Mail: ekmelee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Nanotechnology, nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, metamaterials, GaN MOCVD growth, GaN devices, photonic crystals, physics and applications of nanostructures, photonic devices, nanosensors
Prof. Hitay Özbay
Office: EE 409
Phone: 290 1449
E-Mail: hitayee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Robust control, distributed parameter systems, applications of control theory in various engineering fields
Prof. Arif Bülent Özgüler
Office: EE-407
Phone: 290-1259
E-Mail: ozguleree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Decentralized control, stability robustness, realization theory, linear matrix equations
Asst. Prof. Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş
Office: EE 306
Phone: 290 3387
E-Mail: saritasee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Biomedical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic particle imaging (MPI), signal and image processing, safety limits of magnetic fields in medical imaging systems
Asst. Prof. Erdinç Tatar
Office: EE301
Phone: 290 3193
E-Mail: etataree.bilkent.edu.tr
MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), Inertial sensors, Strain sensing, Microfabrication Technologies, Bio-inspired sensors, Acoustic gas sensing, Sensor control electronics
Asst. Prof. Cem Tekin
Office: EE 203
Phone: 290-2584
E-Mail: cemtekinee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Big data, online learning, multi-armed bandit problems, real-time stream mining, social recommender systems, and personalized/smart healthcare.

Visiting and Part Time Faculty

Adj. Asst. Prof. Ali Taha Koç
E-Mail: atkocee.bilkent.edu.tr
Wireless communications, 5G
Dr. Enis Ungan
Part-time instructor
Adj. Assoc. Prof. Serdar Yüksel
E-Mail: syukselee.bilkent.edu.tr
Stochastic control theory, decentralized stochastic control, networked control, source coding and quantization, information and control, stochastic stability, stochastic dynamical systems