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Signal Processing

Prof. Orhan Arıkan
Office: EE-501
Phone: 290-1219, 290-1257
E-Mail: oarikanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Digital signal processing, Processing of radar signals, Time-frequency analysis, Inverse problems, Adaptive systems, Remote sensing
Prof. Billur Barshan
Office: EE 404
Phone: 290 2161
E-Mail: billuree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Sensor-based robotics, intelligent sensing, ultrasonic, optical, and inertial sensing, sensor signal processing, multi-sensor data fusion, human activity recognition and classification
Prof. Ahmet Enis Çetin
Office: EE 305
Phone: 290 1477
E-Mail: cetinbilkent.edu.tr
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Image restoration and coding, time series analysis, spectrum estimation, computer vision,wavelet theory, application of polyspectra-based methods to signal and image processing
Assoc. Prof. Tolga Çukur
Office: EE 304
Phone: 290 1164
E-Mail: cukuree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Systems Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Biomedical Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Statistical Signal and Image Processing
Prof. Tolga Mete Duman
Office: EE 406
Phone: 290 3394
E-Mail: dumanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Wireless and mobile communications, information theory, coding/modulation, multi-user and multi-antenna systems, physical-layer security, underwater acoustic communications
Prof. Sinan Gezici
Office: EE 503
Phone: 290 3139
E-Mail: geziciee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Statistical signal processing, wireless communications, communications theory
Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Serdar Kozat
Office: EE 309
Phone: 290 2336
E-Mail: kozatee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Machine learning, big data and analytics, deep learning, CyberSecurity, digital signal processing
Prof. Levent Onural
Office: EE 502
Phone: 290 1263
E-Mail: onuralee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Signal and image processing, video processing, holography, diffraction, signal processing for diffraction and holography, 3DTV
Prof. Haldun Özaktaş
Office: EE405
Phone: 290 1619
E-Mail: haldunee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Optical information processing, signal and image processing, optoelectronic and optically interconnected computing systems
Asst. Prof. Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş
Office: EE 306
Phone: 290 3387
E-Mail: saritasee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Biomedical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic particle imaging (MPI), signal and image processing, safety limits of magnetic fields in medical imaging systems
Asst. Prof. Cem Tekin
Office: EE 203
Phone: 290-2584
E-Mail: cemtekinee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Big data, online learning, multi-armed bandit problems, real-time stream mining, social recommender systems, and personalized/smart healthcare.