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Telecommunications and Networks

Prof. Nail Akar
Office: EE-504
Phone: 290-2337
E-Mail: akaree.bilkent.edu.tr
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Performance evaluation of computer and communication networks, future Internet, wireless and optical networks, queueing systems and Markov chains
Prof. Erdal Arıkan
Office: EE 505
Phone: 290 1347
E-Mail: arikanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Information Theory and Coding, Communication Systems
Prof. Tolga Mete Duman
Office: EE 406
Phone: 290 3394
E-Mail: dumanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Wireless and mobile communications, information theory, coding/modulation, multi-user and multi-antenna systems, physical-layer security, underwater acoustic communications
Prof. Sinan Gezici
Office: EE 503
Phone: 290 3139
E-Mail: geziciee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Statistical signal processing, wireless communications, communications theory
Prof. Ezhan Karaşan
Office: EE 508
Phone: 290 1308
E-Mail: ezhanee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Performance analysis and design of communication networks, next-generation optical networks based on WDM, future generation wireless networks including 5G.
Prof. Hayrettin Köymen
Office: EE 303
Phone: 290 2457
E-Mail: koymenee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Acoustic imaging, linear and finite amplitude acoustics, medical instrumentation, processing and modeling of physiological signals
Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Serdar Kozat
Office: EE 309
Phone: 290 2336
E-Mail: kozatee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Machine learning, big data and analytics, deep learning, CyberSecurity, digital signal processing
Asst. Prof. Cem Tekin
Office: EE 203
Phone: 290-2584
E-Mail: cemtekinee.bilkent.edu.tr
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Big data, online learning, multi-armed bandit problems, real-time stream mining, social recommender systems, and personalized/smart healthcare.