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EEE Faculty Awards in 2019-20

EEE Faculty of Bilkent University received major international and national awards and recognitions of their work during the 2019-20 academic year.

Claude E. Shannon Award

Prof. Erdal Arıkan

The Claude E. Shannon Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society was created to honor consistent and profound contributions to the field of information theory. The award is given for contributions in information theory, covering technical contributions at the intersection of mathematics, communication engineering, and theoretical computer science. The Claude E. Shannon Award is the highest honor from the Information Theory Society.

Prof. Arıkan has delivered his Shannon Lecture at the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) in Paris, France, in July 2019. You can find Prof. Arıkan’s lecture here.

Please follow this link for more information on the Shannon Award and previous winners.


TÜBİTAK Science Award 

Prof. Erdal Arıkan

TÜBİTAK Science Award is granted to outstanding scientists who have made distinguished international contributions to the advancement of universal science, and the development of scientific research and technology.

Previous winners of our department are Prof. Abdullah Atalar (1994), Prof. Haldun Özaktaş (1999), Prof. Ergin Atalar (2006), Prof. Ekmel Özbay (2006), and Prof. F. Ömer İlday (2017).


The Optical Society (OSA) Fellow

Prof. Hilmi Volkan Demir

The OSA Fellow is granted to scientists who have profound scientific and technological contributions, a record of significant publications and patents, and technical and industry leadership in the field as well as service to the society and the global optics community. The number of Fellows is limited by the Society’s bylaws to be no more than 10% of the total OSA Membership and the number elected each year is limited to approximately 0.5% of the current membership total.


TÜBİTAK Encouragement Award

Prof. Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş Çukur

TÜBİTAK Encouragement Award is granted to young scientists who have significantly contributed to the basic sciences and engineering fields at the national and international level and have made pioneer studies that have contributed to the progress and the visibility of these fields in our country.



Bilkent University Distinguished Teaching Award

Prof. Vakur Behçet Ertürk

Bilkent Distinguished Teaching Award is granted to full-time faculty members who have completed a minimum of three years of teaching at Bilkent University.  It is awarded to faculty members who demonstrated excellent academic knowledge of the subject matter, followed and applied developments both in academia and practice in revising the course content regularly, demonstrated academic knowledge in well-planned course objectives, course teaching, and assessment materials.


Parlar Foundation Young Investigator Award

Prof. Tolga Çukur
Prof. Cem Tekin

Parlar Foundation Young Investigator Award is granted to recognize the endeavors and certify the competencies of young scientists who have contributed to the development of one of the science fields to encourage and support their research and motivate younger generations to become involved in science.





Science Academy’s Young Scientist Award

Prof. Cem Tekin

Science Academy’s Young Scientist Award (BAGEP Award) is granted to outstanding young academics to support them in conducting new studies and furthering their research.






For more information on the awards received by our faculty members in previous years, please follow this link.