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Nanotechnology aims to control and manipulate matter at an atomic/molecular scale smaller than 1 micrometer, normally 1 to 100 nanometers, and the fabrication of devices within that size range. It is at the forefront of modern research especially those of an interdisciplinary nature encompassing and recasting applied physics, chemistry, biology, material science and engineering. Owing to its dynamic and future-promising nature,  Nanotechnology receives an eager interest not only from researchers but also business leaders and industry. The fast growing economy in this field demands more and more experts who can adapt their accumulation in nanoscience into new high-demand products. With its seemingly endless number of applications, Nanotechnology, has the potential to reshape the world around us.

Bilkent University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department is at the leading position in Nanotechnology studies conducted both in Turkey and worldwide owing to its extraordinary resources. The valuable guidance of outstanding faculty members each recognized worldwide for their cutting-edge research studies on applied nanoscience and nanotechnology provide the firm fundamental background to the nano-newbies. On the other hand, being situated at the heart of the largest national infrastructures such as UNAM and NANOTAM enables hands-on training and easy access to the research facilities. There is also the opportunity of being involved in the ongoing projects and colloborations with industry as well as government and being part of a strong team that provides for the country.

Our faculty members work in a wide range of topics such as photovoltaics, plasmonics, lasers, nanophotonics, metamaterials, photonic crystals, semiconductor LED lighting, RF sensors and bioimplants, physics and applications of nanostructures, photonic devices, nano-sensors.  Research carried out by our faculty members in these areas is accepted for publication in the highest-ranked journals and presented in well-known international conferences, increasing the publication quality and quantity of not only Bilkent EEE department but also nation-wide.  Our department offers numerous courses related to Nanotechnology, along with a large number of elective courses provided by the Materials Science and Physics Departments in accordance with interdisciplinary nature of Nanotechnology.

Combining all, being part of Bilkent  Nanotechnology team offers tremendous opportunities to its prospect graduates who have the desire to work either as an academician or a business professional who can incorporate science in the solution of current high-tech needs of the market. The high demand of well-educated human-power working in various parts of Nanotechnology puts all our graduates who pursue a succesfull carreer in this field, in the wanted list of both nation-wide and world-wide industry leaders.

Faculty Members

Prof. Orhan Aytür

Prof. Hilmi Volkan Demir

Prof. Vakur B. Ertürk

Prof. Ekmel Özbay

Asst. Prof. Erdinç Tatar