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Electromagnetics plays a leading roles in electrical engineering with a plethora of applications such as antennas, radars, wireless communications, biomedical and biotechnology, MEMs, RF and microwaves, optics, photonics, optoelectronics, nanotechnology, metamaterials, remote sensing, electronic packaging, etc. Therefore, many international and national companies and institutions offer job opportunities in a wide range of electromagnetic-related areas to engineers who are well-educated in the field of electromagnetics.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Bilkent University is a major center-of-excellence and a leader in electromagnetics. Since 1987, we have continuously maintained a national and international preeminence in electromagnetics thanks to our world-class faculty and students together with our superior training for graduate and undergraduate students. Our faculty and students are involved in a broad spectrum of electromagnetic-related research including

  • Computational Electromagnetics
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Radar Systems and Applications
  • Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Simulations
  • RF aspects of MRI
  • Design and Analysis of Conformal Antennas and Arrays
  • Optical Antennas, Dielectric Nano-antennas
  • Metamaterials, Metasurface/Metastructure Modeling, Design and Realization
  • Radar Absorbing Coatings
  • Wireless Sensors and Medical Devices
  • Full Electromagnetic Modeling for Nanophotonics

Faculty Members

Prof. Abdullah Atalar

Prof. Ergin Atalar

Prof. Hilmi Volkan Demir

Prof. Vakur B. Ertürk

Prof. Ekmel Özbay