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Control and Robotics

Automation is a key concept which deeply affects our daily life. With the advent of new technologies such as 5G, automation is expected to be seen in almost everywhere, from our homes to factories, and even in automated autonomous vehicle systems and automated highways. The main scientific body of knowledge which enables us to analyze and design such complex automated systems is Control Theory. Since such systems contain many interacting parts related to different disciplines, control theory itself is a highly interdisciplinary field covering a broad range of scientific areas including mathematics, physics, engineering, biology, etc.

Robotics is related to the investigation of physical structures which imitates the human and/or animal-like behaviour. Although in the past the field of robotics was mainly dominated by the applications of machine tools utilized in factory automation, in recent years the focus has been shifted to designing intelligent robotic systems such as wheeled or legged structures which may behave autonomously. The interplay between robotics and control theory is evident by the fact that the problems faced in one of these fields may inspire a related research area in the other.

Our faculty members working in these areas are well-known and with their research groups they produce valuable contributions to the literature in their respective research fields. The research and developments conducted by our faculty members are focused, but not limited, to the areas like hybrid and switching systems, swarm dynamics, game theory, robust control, distributed parameter systems, systems with time delay, modeling and control of physical/biological systems with applications, flexible systems, nonlinear systems, chaotic systems, analysis and control of legged robots, applications of machine learning theory to the control and robotics, sensor fusion and dynamics, wearable sensing, etc. Our faculty offers a range of courses in these areas such as Feedback Control Systems, Linear System Theory, Nonlinear Systems, Robust Feedback Systems, Introduction to Robotics.

Faculty Members

Prof. Billur Barshan

Prof. Ömer Morgül

Prof. Hitay Özbay

Prof. A. Bülent Özgüler

Asst. Prof. Muhammed Ömer Sayın

Assist. Prof. Cem Tekin