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Industrial Design Projects

EEE students at Bilkent University complete two-semester senior design projects in collaboration with the leading high tech companies with the objective of solving real world engineering problems. Since the inception of this program six years ago, our student teams have completed 95 projects with 25 different companies. Examples of participating companies are Arçelik, Aselsan, Eczacıbaşı, Ford Otosan, Frounhofer IIS (Germany), Havelsan, Karel, Meteksan Savunma, Roketsan, TAI and Vestel.

Two examples of projects completed are PRISM (with Arçelik) and Acoustic Beamvision (with Havelsan).



Project Team: Ahmet Oğuz Atlı, Mustafa Khaan Claasz Coockson, Seçil Eda Doğan, Ayça Takmaz, Elvan Mert Uğurlu, Ece Yılmazbilek

Company: Arçelik

PRISM is a system that acts as both a mirror and a screen. It presents the analysis of the data obtained from the wireless sensors in a smart bathroom environment to the user in a personalized form.

Energy efficient and battery operated air quality module and pulsemeter are designed. The smart scale provided by these modules and Arçelik establishes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection with the smart mirror.

The system recognizes the user in front of the mirror with facial recognition algorithms and detects the dominant feeling in this person’s facial expression. In this way, the smart mirror can record the data obtained from the user personally and offer a personalized experience.


Acoustic Beamvision

Project Team: Ahmet Burak Çatlı, Beyza Dabak, Burak Künkçü, Mustafa Talha Avcu, Ömer Karakaş, Ünal Ege Gaznepoğlu

Company: Havelsan

In an environment where more than one person speaks at the same time, such as meeting/conference rooms, EEE senior design team developed a device for separating speech from sources, identifying the speakers, and then transcribing them.

The system consists of an acoustic microphone array with 8 microphones, 4 cameras, IMU, FPGA and a central computer with a control interface. The final product, which can operate within a range of 5 meters, has an angle accuracy of 25 degrees, a success rate of 81 percent and an error rate of 5 percent.


For more information on the EEE Industrial Design Projects at Bilkent University, please follow this link.