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AuthorThesis TittleYearAdvisor
BERKAY OYMAKCost Constrained Sensor Selectio and Design Problem for Binary Hypothesis Testing2020S. Gezici
BÜŞRA TEGİNDistributed Caching and Learning over Wireless Channels2020T.M. Duman
CELAL FURKAN ŞENELRapid Reconstruction for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Non-Cartesian Variable- Density Sampling Trajectories2020T. Çukur
M. SAİD ALDEMİROptimization of Coupled Class-E RF Power Amplifiers for a Transmit Array System in 1.5T MRI2020E. Atalar
MUHAMMAD NABİNew Approach For Designing cVEP BCI Stimuli Based on Superposition of Edge Responses2020Y.Z. İder
MUSTAFA ENGİN ESTEKİNEnvelope Tracking RF Power Amplifier Design2020A. Atalar
SEMİH KURTRapid and Robust Image Reconstruction Techniques for Magnetic Particle Imaging2020E.Ü. Sarıtaş
YUNUS ERDEM ARASAnalytical Model and Design of Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier2020A. Atalar
ABDUL WAHEEDDesign and Development of an SSVEP based Low cost, Wearable,and Wireless BCI Systems2019Y.Z. İder
ALİ ALPER ÖZASLANAutomated Image Reconstruction For Non- Cartesian Magnetic Particle Imaging2019E.Ü. Sarıtaş
ANIL BİÇERKu- Band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Bandpass Filter Design Using Mechanical Tuning2019A. Atalar
BATUHAN SÜTBAŞImproved Wilkinson Power Divider Structures for Millimeter -Wave Applications2019A. Atalar
BİLGEHAN PARAYDevelopment of Fiber Optical Delay Line Based 10 Ghz Phaze Noise Measurement Systems2019E. Özbay
ÇELİK BOĞAIterative Fitting Approach to cr-MREPT2019Y.Z. İder
CEM BULUCUPersonalizing Treatments via Contextual Multi- Armed Bandits by Identifying Relevance2019C. Tekin
ERALP TURĞAYAlgorithms and Regret Bounds for Multi- objective Contextual Bandits with Similarity Information2019C. Tekin
FERİDUN TÜTÜNCÜOĞLUZone Based Glrt For Detecting Physical Random Access Channel Signals in 5G2019O. Arıkan
İBRAHİM TANRIÖVERUniversally Polarization- Insensitive Achromatic Metasurfaces2019H.V. Demir
KEREM ENHOŞEllectrically Unbiased and Half Frequency Driven Waterborne 16X16- Element 2-D Phased Array Cmut2019H. Köymen
KÜBRA KESKİNEfficient Parameter Mapping for Magnetic Resonance Imaging2019T. Çukur
LÜTFİ KEREM ŞENELMeasuring and Improving Interpretability of Word Embeddings Using Lexical Resources2019T. Çukur
MAHMUT CAN SOYDANDesign an Analysis of Metamaterial Based Perfect Absorbers2019V. Ertürk
MAHZEB FİAZReservation Frame Slotted ALOHA for Multi-Class loT Networks2019N. Akar
MAJID AALIZADEHMetal- Dielectric Metamaterials as Broadband Absorbers and Real-Time Configurable Optical Structures2019E. Özbay
MELİSA EKİN GÜLSERENDesign, Fabrication, and Characterization of Normally-Off Gan Hemts2019E. Özbay
MİNE KERPİÇÇİOnline Anomaly Detection with Kernel Density Estimators2019S.S. Kozat
MUHAMMAD ZAKWANStability of Third Order Conewise Linear Systems2019A.B. Özgüler
MUHAMMET KAVUŞTUS- Band Gan High Powe Amplifier Design and Implementation2019E. Özbay
MUHİTTİN TAŞÇIS-Band Gan Based Low Noise Mmic Amplifier Design and Characterization2019E. Özbay
MURAT ALP GÜNGENAn Analog Neuromorphic Classifier for ECG Arrhythmia Detection2019A. Atalar
MUSTAFA SAKOptical Gain and Lasing of Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Wells Intimately Integrated Into Optical Cavities2019H.V. Demir
ÖMER GÜRSOYNumerical Methods for the Transient Analysis of Multi-Regime Markov Fluid Queues2019N. Akar
SAFA ONUR ŞAHİNNon-Uniformly Sampled Sequential Data Processing2019S.S. Kozat
SULEMAN AIJAZ MEMONHybrid and Model Based Approaches for New BCI Spellers2019Y.Z. İder
TOYGAN KILIÇRapid Multi-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Time -Of-Flight Angiography2019E.Ü. Sarıtaş
UĞUR YILMAZInteractive Real-Tıme Rf Control For MRI Transmit Channels2019E. Atalar
ULAŞ ÖZİPEKDesign of an X-Band GaN Based Microstrip MMIC Power Amplifier2019E. Özbay
ÜMİTCAN ŞAHİNAdaptive Ambulance Redeployment via Multi -Armed Bandits2019C. Tekin
WARDAH SARMADPerformance Analysis of CSMA/CD for In-Band Full Duplex Wireless Communication2019E. Karaşan
ZAFER TOPÇUOĞLUFair User Scheduling for Downlink Power Domain NOMA2019N. Akar
ZÜLKARNEYN ŞİŞMANDesign, Implementation, Manufacturing and Measurements of Dickson Charge Pump Circuits for Capacitive Micromachined Sensor Biasing2019A. Atalar
ABDUL KERİM AYDINAdaptive Energy Management for Solar Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Nodes2018N. Akar
ALİ HASSAN MİRZALow Complexity Efficient Online Learning Algorithms Using LSTM Networks2018S.S. Kozat
BISMILLAH NASIR ASHFAQA Gate Modulated Digitally Controlled Modified Class- E Amplifier for On-Coil Application in MRI2018E. Atalar
BURAK ÇATALBAŞImproved Artificial Neural Network Training With Advanced Methods2018Ö. Morgül
DENİZ ÜNALUser Grouping in Wireless Networks with Full-Duplex Base Stations and Legacy Mobile Stations2018E. Karaşan
ECEM BOZKURTEffects of Scanning and Reconstruction Parameters on İmage Quality in Magnetic Particle Imaginig2018E.Ü. Sarıtaş
EGE ORKUN GAMGAMQueuing Analysis of the Energy- Delay Trade -Off in Wireless Networks2018N. Akar
FARUK UYARDevelopment and Characterization of a Direct Detection Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensor2018E. Özbay
GÖKHAN ARITÜRKDesign, Implementation and Construction of an Eight Channel RF TEM Array andIts Use in MR-EPT2018Y.Z. İder
GÜLŞAH YILDIZLow Convective Field Artifact Elimination Using Dielectric Padding and Multichannel Receive in Cr-Mrept Conductivity Images2018Y.Z. İder
H. EFTUN ORHONModel-Based Identification and Control of a One -Legged Hopping Robot2018Ö. Morgül
H. GÖKHAN UYSALFailure Independent Path Protection against Single- SRLG Failures in Elastic Optical Networks2018E. Karaşan
H.J. DIAA BADAWIConvolutional Neural Networks Based on Non-Euclidean Operators2018T. Çukur
HIRA NOORLoad Balancing Enhancements to Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks2018N. Akar
KUBİLAY EKŞİOĞLUPrediction with Expert Advice: On the ROLE OF Contexts, Bandit Feedback and Risk- Awareness2018C. Tekin
MAEN M. A. MALLAHMultiplication Free Neural Networks2018A.E. Çetin
MERT ÖZATEŞCode Design for Energy Harvesting and Joint Energy and Information Transfer Using Run Length Limited Codes2018T.M. Duman
MEYSAM GHOMIOn- Mixed H_2/H _inf Controller Design for Systems With Time Delay2018H. Özbay
MOHAMMADREZA MOHAGHEGH NEYSHABOURİAn Asymptotically Optimal Solution for Contextual Bandit Problem in Adversarial Setting2018S.S. Kozat
MOHSIN HABIBElectrically Tunable Plasmon Induced Transparency in Hybrid Metal- Graphene Structures2018E. Özbay
OZGÜN YAVUZControlled Surface Structuring with nonlinear Lasear Lithography2018F.Ö. İlday
SADIA KHAFInterpolation of Ionospheric Modalities using Kriging, Co-Kriging,and Spatiotemporal Kriging2018O. Arıkan
SAFA ÖZDEMİRImprovement and Comparison of Complex B1 Mapping Techniques for Use in Mrept2018Y.Z. İder
SERHAT İLBEYFast Calibration and Image Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging2018E.Ü. Sarıtaş/ C.B. Top
SEVGİ GÖKÇE KAFALIPhase- Correcting Denoising for Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging2018E.Ü. Sarıtaş
TOLGA ERGENOnline Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks2018S.S. Kozat
TOYGUN BAŞAKLARExperimental and Model Based Investigation of the Effects of High Stimulus Presentation Rate on c-VEP Based BCIs2018Y.Z. İder
TUBA CEREN DEVECİImage Classification with Energy Effficient Hadamard Neural Networks2018A.E. Çetin
YAVUS MUSLURelaxation Mappping in Magnetic Particle Imaging2018E.Ü. Sarıtaş
YİĞİT DEMİRAĞMultiphysics Modeling of Ge2Sb2Te5 Based Synaptic Devices for Brain Inspired Computing2018E. Özbay
YİĞİT TUNCELExperimental and Model Based Investigation of Period Doubling Phenomenon in Human Steady State Visual Evoked Potential Responses2018Y.Z. İder
ALİ MALEKI GARGARIWireless Metamaterial-Inspired Rotation Sensors2017V. Ertürk
BURAK CEVAT CİVEKSequental Regression Techniques With Second Order Methods2017S.S. Kozat
Caner AsbaşDesign of a C-Band Dual Polarized Strip-fed Aperture Coupled Stacked Patch Planar Antenna Array for Point -to Point Communication2017V. Ertürk
DAMLA SARICALow-Bandwidth Image Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging2017E.Ü. Sarıtaş
DARIUSH KARIBoosted Adaptive Filters2017S.S. Kozat
DİLAN ÖZTÜRKAn Anti-Windup Compensator For Systems With Time Delay and Integral Action2017H. Özbay
EFE ILICAKCompressed Sensing Techniques for Accelerated Magnetic Reasonance Imaging2017T. Çukur
ELVAN KUZUCU HIDIRIdentification, Stability Analysis and Control of Linear Time Perodic Systems via Harmonic Transfer Functions2017Ö. Morgül
ERSİN YARText Categorization Using Syllables and Recurrent Neural Networks2017S.S. Kozat
FATIMA TU ZAHRAHighly Efficent 300 W Modified Class -E-RF Amplifiers for 64 MHZ Trasmit Array System2017E. Atalar
FURKAN KÖKDOĞANFundamental Limits on Localization in Single İnput Multiple Output Visible Light Systems2017S. Gezici
H. SEÇKİN DEMİRVisual Object Tracking Using Co-Difference Features2017A.E. Çetin
HASAN KARACAA Micromachined Pressure Sensor2017A. Atalar
İHSAN UTLUEvent-Triggerred Distributed Estimation With Reduced Commication Load2017S.S. Kozat
IMAN MARIVANIRobust Adaptive Algorithms For Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation and Their Performance Analysis2017S.S. Kozat
KAAN GÖKÇESUOnline Minimax Optimal Density Estimation and Anomally Detection in Nonstationary Environments2017S.S. Kozat
KAZIM GÖRGÜLÜHighly-Doped Silicon Based Photonic Devices for Mid-Infrared Light Absortion2017E. Özbay
MİMA AKBARZADEHOnline Learning in Structured Markov Decission Process2017C. Tekin
MOHOMMAD SHAHDLOOBiased Competition in Semantic Representations Across the Human Brain During Category - Based Visiual Search2017T. Çukur
MÜCAHİT GÜMÜŞMulti-Envelope Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems2017T.M. Duman
MUHAMMAD UMAR B. NİAZİA Noncoopative Dynamic Game Model of Opinion Dynamics in Multilayer Social Network2017A.B. Özgüler
MUSTAFA ARDA AHİAnaysis of Spine Sounds for Spinal Health Asssesment2017A.E. Çetin
MUSTAFA OĞUZ YEĞİNNumerical Computation and Implementation of H-Infinity Controllers for Retarded and Neutral Time Delay Systems2017H. Özbay
MUSTAFA ŞAHİN TURANFall Detection and Classificition using Wearable Motion Sensors2017B. Barshan
MUSTAFA ÜTKÜRProbing Viscosity via Relaxation in Magnetic Particle Imagıng2017E.Ü. Sarıtaş
NURULLAH KARAKOÇRandom Access Over Wireless Links:Optimal Rate and Activity Selection2017S. Gezici
ÖMER BURAK DEMİRELSafety Limts and Rapid Scanning Methods in Magnetic Particle Imaging2017E.Ü. Sarıtaş
OSMAN ERDEMCooperative Visible Light Positioning Systems2017S. Gezici
OSMAN FATİH KILIÇEffecient Learning Strategies over Distibuted Networks For Big Data2017S.S. Kozat
SINA ABEDINI DERESGHIMetal-Insulator Multistacks for Absorption and Photodetection2017E. Özbay
UMUT DEMİRHANIrregular Repetition Slotted Aloha With Energy Harvesting Nodes2017T.M. Duman
YİĞİT AYDOĞANA 94-GHZ Phase Inverter-Variable Gain Amplifier in Sige Bıcmods2017A. Atalar
A. MELİS AYGARTunable Graphene Plasmonic Structures with Different Gating Schemes2016E. Özbay
ABDULLAH GÖKDesign of All-Silicon Photonic and Plasmonic Perfect Absorbers and Their Applications2016A.K. Okyay
ALIREZA NOORAIEPOURRandomized Convolutional and Concatenated Codes for the Wiretap Channel2016T.M. Duman
ALIREZA SADEGHI TARAKAMEHDesign of a Birdcage-Like Radio Frequency Transmit Array Coil for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Equivalent Circuit Model2016E. Atalar
ALTUĞ SÜRALAn FPGA implementation of successive cancellation list decoding
for polar codes
2016E. Arıkan
AMIR BEHROUZI FARDynamic Resource Allocation and Activity Management for Improving Energy
Efficiency and Fairness in 5G Heterogeneous Network
2016E. Karaşan
BERK ÖZERA Compressive Measurement Matrix Design for Detection and Tracking of Direction of Arrival Using Sensor Arrays2016O. Arıkan
BURAK ALPTUĞ YILMAZX-Band CPW High Power Amplifer Design by GAN Based MMIC Technology2016E. Özbay
ÇAĞLAR TUNÇEnergy Management in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Nodes with Lifetime Constraints2016N. Akar
CEM EMRE AKBAŞClassification of Histopathological Cancer Stem Cell Images in H&E Stained Liver Tissues2016A.E. Çetin
DENİZHAN KORAY KESİMAll-Fibre Burst Mode Laser System Integrated with OCT for Catacart Surgery2016F.Ö. İlday
DİLARA OĞUZA Modified Gysel Power Divider Structure With Enhanced Isolation Bandwith2016A. Atalar
ERAY LAZCentralized and Decentralized Detection with Cost-Constrained
2016S. Gezici
GÖKÇE KURALAYDesign of First Order Controllers for a Flexible Robot Arm with Time Delay2016H. Özbay
GÖKMEN CANClassification of Vessel Acoustic Signatures Using Non-Linear Scattering
Based Feature Extraction
2016A.E. Çetin
HOSSEIN SALMANI REZAEIApplication of Femtosecond Infrared Fiber Laser for Multi-Photon
Silicon Icromachining
2016F.Ö. İlday
KADİR AYHANPhysical Layer Security Over Frequency Selective Fading Channels2016T.M. Duman
MARYAM SALIMFull-Duplex MRI for Zero TE Imaging2016E. Atalar
MEHMET NECİP KURTJammer Placement Algorithms in Wireless Localization Systems2016S. Gezici
MURAT ERDAL DAĞDELENDevelopment and Implementation of SBR Technique for Scattering and
RCS Problems
2016A. Altıntaş
OĞUZHAN OĞUZImage Processing Algorithms for Histopathological Images2016A.E. Çetin
ONUR BERKAY GAMGAMRegenerator Placement in Elastic Optical Networks with Adaptive
Modulation and Coding
2016E. Karaşan
ONUR ÖZDEMİRPerformance Enhancement of Graphene Based Optoelectronic Devices2016E. Özbay
OSMAN TUTAYSALGIRSignal Detection Theory Analysis of Category-Based Visual Search in
Natural Movies
2016T. Çukur
REDI PONIA Digitally Controlled Class E Amplifier for MRI2016E. Atalar
SALMAN UL HASSAN DARInter-Regional Connectivity in the Human Brain During Visual Search2016T. Çukur
SERDAR HANOĞLUSecrecy Rates of Finite-Input Intersymbol Interference Channels2016T.M. Duman
SOHEIL TARAGHANIAA z-Gradient Coil Array System for Magnetic Resonance Imaging2016E. Atalar
TUFAIL AHMADPolar codes for optical communications2016E. Arıkan
ADAMU ABDULLAHIStability of Planar Pieceswise Linear Systems: A Geometric Approach2015A.B. Özgüler
ANDAÇ BEDERBeam Coding with Spread Spectrum Orthogonal Gold Codes in Underwater Acoustic Systems2015H. Köymen
BAHADIR ÇATALBAŞRecurrent Neural Network Learning with an Application to the
Control of Legged Locomotion
2015Ö. Morgül
BURAK ŞAHİNBAŞBuffer Amplifiers for an Electrically Small Broadband Antenna2015A. Atalar
ÇAĞDAŞ BALLIAn Input Matched X-Band Balanced Low Noise Amplifier Design
and Implementation Using Discrete Transistors
2015E. Özbay
ÇINAR YEŞİLApplication of Deadbeat Controllers and Pole Placement Methodologies
for Friction Compensation in Mechanical Systems
2015Ö. Morgül
EZGİ ATEŞH∞ Filter Based Target Tracking Under Time Delayed Measurements2015H. Özbay
M. OĞUZHAN SAÇMAMutual Impedance Considerations in Two Dimensional Planar Acoustic Arrays with Square Piston Elements2015H. Köymen
M. TUNÇ ARSLANRange Resolution Improvement in Passive Bistatic Radars Using Deconvolution2015A.E. Çetin
MEHRAB RAMZANFrequency Selective Surfaces for Terahertz Applications2015A.K. Okyay
NURİ DENİZCAN VANLISequential Nonlinear Learning2015S.S. Kozat
ÖZGECAN KARABULUTThe Effect of Distribution of Information on Recovery of Propagating Signals2015H. Özaktaş
RIFAT DALKIKANRadar Cross Section (RCS) of Perfectly Conducting (PEC) Thin Wires
and Its Application to Radar Countermeasure: Chaff
2015A. Altıntaş
YAVUZ KANSUA Transimpedance Amplifier for Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers2015A. Atalar
ABDULLAH BAŞAR AKBAYNoise Benefits in Joint Detection and Estimation Systems2014S. Gezici
BERK GÜLMEZOĞLUIndoor Multi-Person Tracking via Ultra-Wideband Radars2014S. Gezici
CEMRE ARIYÜREKModes of Shear Waves In Magnetic Resonance Elastography2014E. Atalar
AHMET DÜNDAR SEZEROptimal Detector Randomization in Cognitive Radio Receivers in the
Presence of Imperfect Sensing Decisions
2013S. Gezici
ALİ ÇAĞLAR ÖZENA Method of Decoupling of Radio-frequency Coils in Magnetic Resonance
Imaging: Application to MRI with Ultra-short Echo-time and Concurrent Excitation and Acquisition
2013E. Atalar
ŞAN GÜLTEKİNNoise Enhanced Detection in Restricted Neyman-Pearson Framework2013S. Gezici
SEMİH ÇAYCILossless data compression with polar codes2013E. Arıkan
ARAS YURTMANDetection and Classification of Human Activities Using Wearable Sensors2012B. Barshan
ESMA TURGUTRestricted Neyman-Pearson Approach Based Spectrum Sensing in
Cognitive Radio Systems
2012S. Gezici
GÖRKEM SEÇERDeterministic and Stochastic Error Modeling of Inertial Sensors
and Magnetometers
2012B. Barshan
GAĞRI GÖKENStochastic Signaling for Power Constrained Communication Systems2011S. Gezici
MURAT CİHAN YÜKSEKA Comparative Study on Human Activity Classification with Miniature
Inertial and Magnetic Sensors19
2011B. Barshan
OSMAN GÜRLEVİKImplementation of a Coded-Reference Ultra-Wideband System2011S. Gezici
AHMET GÜNGÖRClutter Detection in Pulse-Doppler Radar Systems2010S. Gezici
BAHAEDDİN ERAVCIAutomatic Radar Antenna Scan Analysis in Electronic Warfare2010B. Barshan
FATİH KOÇAKTime-Delay Estimation in Cognitive Radio and MIMO Systems2010S. Gezici
GÖKÇE OSMAN BALKANNoise Enhanced Parameter Estimation Using Quantized Observations2010S. Gezici
MEHMET CAN KERSE Imitation of Radiofrequency Ablation with Fiber Delivered Laser System
for Magnetic Resonance Guided Treatment of Atrial Ablation
2010E. Atalar
MEHMET EMİN TUTAYReceiver Design and Performance Analysis for Code-Multiplexed
Transmitted-Reference Ultra-Wideband Systems
2010S. Gezici
NİKOLAY V. VISKUSENKOEndoluminal MR Coils for Interventional Procedures2010E. Atalar
OĞUZCAN DOBRUCALIA Novel Compression Algorithm Based on Sparse Sampling of 3-D
Laser Range Scans
2010B. Barshan
VOLKAN AÇIKELModeling of Radio Frequency Induced Currents on Lead Wires During MR
Imaging Using a Modified Transmission Line Method (MoTLiM)
2010E. Atalar
YASİR KARASANTime of Arrival Estimation in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems2010S. Gezici
YÜKSEL OZAN BAŞÇİFTÇİA system level simulation study of WiMAX2010E. Arıkan
ALPTEKİN PAMUKLow complexity equalization for OFDM in doubly selective channels2009E. Arıkan
H. ÖZGÜR BAYINDIRA Novel VERSE Optimal RF Pulse Design Method for Parallel Transmission
in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2009E. Atalar
HAMİT ONUR TANYERİEstimation of receiver sampling clock timing impurity impact on
channel orthogonality in ofdm based communication systems
2009E. Arıkan
HAMZA SOĞANCIDoppler Frequency Estimation in Pulse Doppler Radar Systems2009S. Gezici
ORKUN TUNÇEL`Human Activity Classification with Miniature Inertial Sensors2009B. Barshan
SUAT BAYRAMNoise Enhanced Detection2009S. Gezici
ÜSTÜN ÖZGÜRA performance comparison of polar codes with convolutional turbo codes2009E. Arıkan
ESRA ABACIAnalysis of the Electromagnetic Field Inside the Gradient Coils and
Investigation of the Nerve and Cardiac Stimulation Risk for the Patients during MRI
2008E. Atalar
MEHMET KÖKSimultaneous Localization and Mapping for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles2008B. Barshan
AHMET ERMEYDANMRI Compatible Implantable Devices2007E. Atalar
ELİF AYDOĞDUVariable Capacitor Based Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy Converter2007E. Atalar
HALİSE IRAKModeling RF Heating of Active Implatable Medical Devices During
MRI using Safety Index
2007E. Atalar
YİĞİTCAN ERYAMANOptimization of Internal MRI Coils2007E. Atalar
HAYDAR ÇELİKNovel RF Coil Technologies for MRI2006E. Atalar
ONUR AFACANPiezoelectric Power Generation Using the Vibration of Heart2006E. Atalar
ONUR TAŞÇIFocused RF Ablation using Magnetic Fluids2006E. Atalar
ARDA KURTA Comparative Study of Five Algorithms for Processing Ultrasonic Arc Maps2005B. Barshan
O. GÖKALP MEMIŞMiniaturized Fiber Optic Transmission System for Magnetic Resonance
Imaging Signals
2005E. Atalar
YAVUZ YAPICIV-blast/map: A new symbol detection algorithm for mimo channels2005E. Arıkan
ÇAĞRI R. YÜZBAŞIOĞLUImproved Range Estimation Using Simple Infrared Sensors without
Prior Knowledge of Sensor Characteristics
2004B. Barshan
ALİ BİLGİNA Simulation Model of Indoor Environments for Ultrasonic Sensors2003B. Barshan
İNANÇ İNANJoint source channel decoding in the factor graph framework2003E. Arıkan
SEDA ÇAKIROĞLUReplacement problem in web caching2002E. Arıkan
TAYFUN AYTAÇDifferentiation and Localization using Infrared Sensors2002B. Barshan
I. A. ABDEL-HAFEZUltimate Intrinsic SNR in Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Optimization
the EM Field Generated by Internal Coils
2000E. Atalar
ONUR FERHANOĞLUSafety of Metallic Implants in Magnetic Resonance Imaging2000E. Atalar
GÜN AKKORPerformance analysis of concatenated coding schemes1999E. Arıkan
DENİZ BAŞKENTSurface Profile Determination from Multiple Sonar Data
Using Morphological Processing
1998B. Barshan
GÜRKAN DENİZA Simulation study on HTTP performance analysis in terms of its
rnteraction with TCP
1998E. Arıkan
ALİ ŞAFAK SEKMENRadius of Curvature and Location Estimation of Cylindrical Objects with
Sonar using a Multi-Sensor Configuration
1997B. Barshan
BEKİR AHMET DOĞRUSÖZJoint source channel coding using sequential decoding1997E. Arıkan
SANER KURBAYDynamic Obstacle Avoidance with a Prototype Mobile Robot using Acoustic,
Infrared, and Position Sensing
1997B. Barshan
TİJANİ CHAHEDOn the effective bandwioth for reource management in ATM networks1997E. Arıkan
ÜLKÜ SEZERA Simulation study on congestion control for the ATM ABR service1997E. Arıkan
BİRSEN AYRULU ERDEMClassification of Target Primitives with Sonar using two Nonparametric
Data-Fusion Methods
1996B. Barshan
Hüseyin Türkoğlu 1996
A. İlker Karşılayan1995
Aykut Erdem1995
Cantekin Dinçerler1995
CANTEKİN DİNÇERLERA Routing algorithm for low earth orbit satellite networks1995E. Arıkan
Hakan Köroğlu1995
M. Alper Kutay1995
Murat Belge1995
A. Sanlı Ergun1994
A. Suat Ekinci1994
Ayhan Bozkurt1994
Emre Gündüzhan1994
G.Göksenin Yaralıoğlu August19941994
Murat Zeren1994
Mustafa N.Yazgan1994
A. Aydın Koçan1993
ALPER ERDOĞANA Dynamic importance samplic method for quick simulation of rare events1993E. Arıkan
Dilek Çolak1993
Ercan E. Kuruoğlu1993
Ferit Öztürk1993
Gürkan Önal1993
M. Fatih Erden1993
Ö. Nezih Gerek1993
Roy M. Mickos1993
Şennur Ulukuş1993
Engin Erzin1992
Ertuğrul Kolağasıoğlu1992
Atilla Malaş1991
B. Fırat Kılıç1991
İ. Adil Baktır1991
Levent Değertekin1991
Levent Öktem1991L. Onural
M. Cengiz Aydın1991
M. Erkan Savran1991
M. Fidaul Haq1991
Mustafa Çelik1991
Taner Oğuzer1991A. Altıntaş
Cemal T. Dikmen1990
Erkan Mumcuoğlu1990
EZHAN KARAŞANCapacity of noisy, discrete memoryless channels under input constraints1990E. Arıkan
Ezhan Karaşan1990
Gökhun Tanyer1990
Gözde Bozdağı1990
Halit Oğuz1990
İzzet Gürelli1990
Khaledul Islam1990
M. Bilge Alp1990
M.ŞENOL TOYGARCutoff rate for fixed-composition on-off keying over direct detection
photon channels
1990E. Arıkan
Mehmet Karan1990
MURAT ALANYALISequential decoding on intersymbol interference channels with to magnetic
recording appication
1990E. Arıkan
Murat Alanyalı1990
Murat Alaybeyi1990
N. Cem Oğuz1990
NİHAT CEM OĞUZCut off rate for fixed-composition coding over energy constrained
AWGN channels
1990E. Arıkan
Ogan Ocalı1990
Tankut Özgen1990L. Onural
Enis Ungan1989A. Atalar
Nail Akar1989
Satılmış Topçu1989A. Atalar
Konur Alp Ünyelioğlu1988M.E. Sezer
Mustafa Karaman1988A. Atalar
A. Erdem Ertan
A. Ferhat Yıldırım
A. Kemal Özdemir
A. Pınar Tan
A. Şafak Sekmen
A. Selim Olçum
Abdulvahit Yılmaz
Ali Bilgin
Ali Bozbey
Ali Rıza Bozbulut
Alper Kürşat Öztürk
Anıl Bircan
Arçın Bozkurt
Arda Kurt
Armağan Ergün
Ateş Yalabık
Ayça Özçelikkale
Aydoğan Önal
Ayşegül Şahin
B. Ahmet Doğrusöz
B. Uğur Töreyin
Barış Babaoğlu
Barış Fidan
Barış Güner
Başak Can
Bayram Bütün
Berkan Dülek
Birsel Ayrulu
Burak Acar
Burak Alişan
Burhan Gülbahar
C. Hakan Arslan
Çağatay Candan
Canan Pamuk
Celal Alp Tunç
Cem Şahin
Cemal Cengiz Yıldırım
Çiğdem Eroğlu
Deniz Başkent
Deniz Gürkan
Dursun İlhan Tüfekçi
Egemen Değer Kavak
Emrah Acar
Emrah Tomur
Emre Alptekin
Emre Yetginer
Ercan Solak
Erdem Ofli
Ersin Esen
Ersin Şengül
Ertem Tuncel
Fatma Çalışkan
Fehmi Chebil
Feyza Keçeli
Firas Jabloun
Gökhan Bora Esmer
Gökhan Moral
Gözde Bozkurt
Güçlü Köprülü
Gül Aydın
Gülbin Akgün
Gün Akkor
Güray Gürel
H. Emre Güven
H. Emre Kankaya
Hakan Boyraz
Halil İbrahim Cüce
Haluk Altunel
İ. Şamil Yetik
İbrahim Hökelek
İbrahim Onaran
Idris A. Rai
İmad A. Abdel-Hafez
İnanç İnan
İsmail Uzun
K. Kerem Öktem
Kaan Doğan
Karim Saadaqui
Kerem Çağlar
Khaled Ben Fatma
Kıvanç İnan
Kubilay Pakin
Kubilay Sertel
Kürşat Şendur
Levent Özparlak
Lütfiye Durak
Lütfü Özçakır
M. Ertuğrul Öner
M. Hakan Solmaz
M. Niyazi Şenlik
M.Khames BenHadj Miled
Mehmet Akar
Mehmet Burak Güldoğan
Mehmet Öner
Mehmet Özgür
Mehmet R. Geden
Mete Kemal Kart
Moez Feki
Müjdat Balantekin
Murat Akgül
Murat Bağcı
Mustafa Akbaş
Mustafa Arısoylu
Mustafa Durukal
Mustafa Sungur
Mutlu Gökkavas
N. Aslıhan Çelik Albayrak
Nabil Ben Ahmed Jemel
Nail Çadallı
Namık Şengezer
Necmi Bıyıklı
Nejat Kamacı
Nejib Ammar
Nuri Çelik
O. Tunca Korkmaz
Onu Afacan
Onur Alparslan
Onur Bakır
Onur Ferhanoğlu
Osman Topçu
Özgür Güleryüz
Özgür S. Ergül
Özgür Yılmaz
Özlem Özgün
R. Çağlar Kızılırmak
R. Çağrı Yüzbaşıoğlu
Rabi Zaibi
Rızwan Akram
Sadettin Alp Ergin
Şakir Karan
Salih Uğur
Saner Kurbay
Sayit Korkmaz
Selma Mutlu
Serkan Kıranyaz
Serkan Onart
Serkan Yeşildağ
Sevgi Babacan
Sezer Ülkü
Slim Ouardani
T. Onur Taşçı
Tarık Yardibi
Taylan Eker
Tijani Chahed
Tolga Ekmekçi
Tolga Kartaloğlu
Tuba Akıncılar Tan
Tunç Bostancı
Tuncay Erdöl
Uğur Oğuz
Umut Ersoy
Yakup Balkaş
Yamaç Dikmelik
Yavuz Yapıcı
Yılmaz Ünal
Zafer Aydın
Zafer Baştürkmen
Zeynep Yücel