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Bilkent Üniversitesi Elektrik ve Elektronik Mühendisliği Bölümünde 161 Doktora Tezi Tamamlanmıştır.
YazarTez BaşlığıYılDanışman
ALİ ALP AKYOLAnomaly detection in diverse sensor networks using machine learning2022O. Arıkan
AMIR GHOBADIStrong light-matter interaction in lithography-free perfect absorbers for photoconversion, photodetection, light emission, sensing, and filtering applications2022E. Özbay
BAHADIR ÇATALBAŞControl and system identification of legged locomotion with recurrent neural networks2022Ö. Morgül
SİNAN ALEMDAROptimizing Doherty power amplifier output networks for maximized bandwidth2022A. Atalar
BERK OSUNLUKEnvironmental Effects On Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscope Performance2021E. Özbay
Ertan KazıklıSignaling and Information Games with Subjective Costs or Priors and Privacy Constraints2021Sinan Gezici
Muhammed Hamza HumayunWell-Controlled Modification of Emission Kinetics of Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Wells2021Hilmi Volkan Demir
Mustafa ÜtkürCancer Imaging and Treatment Monitoring With Colour Magnetic Particle Imaging2021Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş
SALMAN UL HASSAN DARDeep Learning for Accelerated MR Imaging2021T. Çukur
SİNAN OSMANOĞLUBroadband GaN LNA MMIC Development with The Micro/Nano Process Development by Kink-effect ın S22 Consideration2021E. Özbay
ALIREZA SADEGHI TARAKAMEHNovel techniques and innovative designs for the RF chain of magnetic resonance imaging scanners2020E. Atalar / Y. Eryaman
BAHRAM KHALICHIFast and efficient solutions of multiscale electromagnetic problems2020V.B. Ertürk / Ö.S. Ergül
CEMRE ARIYÜREKFrequency response analysis and reconstruction weighting schemes for MR elastography2020E. Atalar / Y.Z. İder
EHSAN KAZEMIVALIPOURInnovative Designs of RF Transmit Array Coils and RF Heating Analysis of Patients with Implanted DBS2020E. Atalar
MERT KALFAMultiple-precision MLFMA for efficient and accurate solutions of broadband electromagnetic problems2020V. B. Ertürk /Ö.S. Ergül
MOHAMMAD SHAHDLOOOptimization and Machine Learning in MRI: Applications to Rapid MR Image Reconstruction and Encoding Models of Cortical Representation2020T. Çukur
MUHAMMAD ANJUM QURESHIContextual multi-armed bandits with structured payoffs2020C. Tekin
OKAN DEMİROptimality based structured control of distributed parameter systems2020H. Özbay
ONUR ERDEMColloidal Optoelectronics of Self-Assembled Quantum Well Superstructures2020H.V. Demir
POLAT GÖKTAŞDevelopment of an experimental image processing tool and flow-cytometry based electromagnetic scattering analysis for medical diagnosis of red blood cell pathology2020V.B. Ertürk / A. Altıntaş
AHMET TURNALIIn- Chip Devices Fabricated with Nonlinear Laser Lithography Deep Inside Silicon2019F.Ö. İlday
ARAS YURTMANActivity Recognition Invariant to Position and Orientation of Wearable Motion Sensor Units2019B. Barshan
ÇAĞRI GÖKENOptimal Parameter Encoding Strategies for Estimation Theoretic Secure Communications2019S. Gezici
DENİZHAN KORAY KESİMTailoring Nonlinear Temperature Profile in Laser -Material Processing2019F.Ö. İlday
MAHDI SHAKIBA HERFEHCode Design for Interference Channels2019T.M. Duman
N. KORAY ERTANDesign and Applications of a Z-Gradient Array in Magnetic Resonance Imaging2019E. Atalar
ÖZGÜR YILMAZEffects of Auditory Attention on Language Representation Across The Human Brain2019T. Çukur
AHMET DÜNDAR SEZERPower Allocation Strategies For Channel Switching and Wireless Localization2018S. Gezici
KIVANÇ GÜNGÖRColloidal Photonics Of Semiconductor Nanocrystals : From Polarized Color Conversion To Efficient Solar Concentration2018H.V. Demir
M. FURKAN KESKİNVisible Light Positioning Systems: Fundamental Limits, Algorithms and Resource Allocation Approaches2018S. Gezici
MONSOOR KHANOptimization of Collapsed Mode Cmut Receiver for Maximum Off- Resonance Sensitivity2018H. Köymen / A. Atalar
ONUR KÜLÇETransformation Techniqoes From Scalar Wave Fields to Polarized Optical Fields For Wide-Viewing-Angle Holographic Displays2018L. Onural
ONUR YORULMAZDeconvolution Methods Based on Fourier Transform Phase and Bounded Energy2018A.E. Çetin
SAEED AHMEDObserver Design and Output Feedback Stabilization of Time Varying Systems2018H. Özbay
SERKAN SARITAŞSignaling Games in Networked Systems2018S. Gezici / S. Yüksel
VEYSEL YÜCESOYRobustly and Strongly Stabilizing Low Order Controller Design For Infinite Dimensional Systems2018H. Özbay
AKBAL ALİPOURWireless Thin Film Microwave Resonators for Sensing and Marking2017H.V. Demir
AKİF ALPEREN COŞKUNGain Variation and Noise Figure Degradation in Balanced Amplifiers2017A. Atalar
CEYHUN KELLECİCompact Ka-Band Filter Applications Based on the Multiple Mode Rectengular Cavity2017A. Atalar
DENİZ KERİMOĞLUStability and Control of a Compass Gait Model Walking with Series-elasticAnkle Actuation2017Ö. Morgül
FARHAN KHANOnline Nonlinear Modeling for Bigdata Applications2017S.S. Kozat
HASAN HAMZAÇEBİAnalysis and Control of Periodic Gaıts in Legged Robots2017Ö. Morgül
İSMAİL UYANIKIdentification of Legged Locamotion via Model Based and Data-Driven Approaches2017Ö. Morgül
MEHDİ DABIRNIACoding Schemes for Energy Harvesting and Multi-User Commmunications2017T.M. Duman
ONUR AKINMetasurface Microlens Focal Plane Arrays and Mirrors2017H.V. Demir
ONUR DİZDARHigh Throughput Decoding Methods and Architectures for Polar Codes With High Energy-Effiency and Low Latency2017E. Arıkan
SAYIM GÖKYARImplantable Sub-cm Wireless Resonators for Mri:From Circuit Theory to Medical İmaging2017H.V. Demir
SERDAR ÇAKIRPhase Based Techniques for Image Processing2017A.E. Çetin
SINA REZAEI AGHDAMSecure Multi-Antenna Transmission with Finite-Alphabet Signaling2017T.M. Duman
AYKUT YILDIZForaging Motion of Swarms as Nash Equilibria of
Differential Games
2016A.B. Özgüler
BURAK GÜZELTÜRKExcitonics of Colloidal Nanocrystals for Next-Generation
2016H.V. Demir
BURAK ÖZBEYDesign and Implementation of A Wireless Passive Sensing
System for Structural Health Monitoring
2016A. Altıntaş
HAKAN TUNA3D Electron Density Estimation in the Ionosphere by Using
IRI-PLAS model and GPS Measurements
2016O. Arıkan
M. CAN KERSEAblation Cooled Material Removal With Bursts of
Ultrafast Pulses
2016E. Atalar
MONOUCHEHR TAKRIMIImplementation of a Broadband Multilevel Fast Multipole
Algorithm for Multiscale Electromagnetics Problems
2016V.B. Ertürk
NECİP GÜRLERMulchannel and Phase Based Magnetic Resonance
Electrical Properties Tomography
2016Y.Z. İder
ÖMER FARUK ORANLow-Frequency Conductivity Imaging Using MRI
Gradient Induced Currents
2016Y.Z. İder
TALHA ERDEMNovel Light-Emitting Devices of Semiconductor Quantum
Dots and Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles
2016H.V. Demir
VELİ TAYFUN KILIÇInnovative Modular and Arrayed Coil Systems for Ultrahigh Efficieny in İnducvtive Heating and Autamed Metal Detection2016H.V. Demir
FATİH BİLGE ATARPlasmonically Enhanced Hot Electron Based Optoelectronic Devices2015A.K. Okyay
HÜSEYİN ÖZKANOnline Learning Under Adverse Settings2015S.S. Kozat
ONUR ÖZTÜRKPerformane Modeling and Analysis of the Interplay Among TCP, Active Queue Management and Wireless Link Adaptation2015N. Akar
OSMAN GÜNAYVideo Processing Algorithms for Wildfire Surveillance2015A.E. Çetin
VAHDETTİN TAŞNew Techniques to Design Performance Improved Power Dividers and Directional Couplers Using the New Scattering Parameter Relations2015A. Atalar
VOLKAN AÇIKELAnalysis of Current Induction on Thin Conductors Inside
the Body During MRI Scan
2015E. Atalar
ASLI YILMAZAirborne CMUT CELL Design2014H. Köymen
CAN URANSolution-processed nanostructures and nanodevices for highly polarized light generation, scattering, and sensing2014H.V. Demir
ELİF AYDOĞDULumped Element Modeling of Circular CMUT in Collapsed Mode2014A. Atalar
HAMZA SOĞANCIOptimal Time Sharing Strategies for Parameter Estimation
and Channel Switching Problems
2014S. Gezici
MEHMET AKİF YAZICIStochastic Modeling with Continuous Feedback Markov Fluid Queues2014N. Akar
SAYGUN ÖNAYPolar codes for distributed source coding2014E. Arıkan
YAŞAR KEMAL ALPNovel Solution to Classical Signal Processing Problems in Optimization Framework2014O. Arıkan
ZEYNEL DEPREMSparsity and Convex Programming in Time-Frequency Processing2014A.E. Çetin
ALEXANDER SUHRENovel Methods for Microscopic Image Processing, Analysis, Classification and Compression2013A.E. Çetin
ÇAĞLAR ARIMaximum likelihood Estimation of Robust Constrained Gaussian Mixture Models2013O. Arıkan
ERDEM ŞAHİNLocal Signal Decomposition Based Methods for the Calculation of Three-Dimensional Sclar Optical Diffraction Field Due to a Field Given on a Curved Surface2013L. Onural
ESRA ABACI TÜRKNovel Methods and Analysis of B0 and B1 Gradients in
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2013E. Atalar
H. KAĞAN OĞUZCircuit Theory Based Modeling and Analysis of CMUT Arrays2013H. Köymen
İBRAHİM ONARANSpatial Decoding of Oscillatory Neural Activity for Brain Computer Interfacing2013A.E. Çetin
LEVENT ŞAHİNNovel Plasmonic Devices for Nano-Photonics Applications2013E. Özbay
MEHMET EMİN TUTAYSignal and Detector Randomization for Multiuser and
Multichannel Communication Systems
2013S. Gezici
MEHMET KÖSEOĞLUPerformance Analysis of the Carrier-Sense Multiple Access Protocol for Future Generation Wireless Networks2013E. Karaşan
NEVAL A. CİNELEBL Fabricated Plasmonic Nanostructures for Sensing Applications2013E. Özbay
SALİH UĞURNovel Methods for SAR Imaging Problems2013O. Arıkan
ALİ ÖZGÜR YÖNTEMThree-Dimensional Integral Imaging Based Capture and Display System Using Digital Programmable Fresnel Lenslet Arrays2012L. Onural
ATİLLA ÖZGÜR ÇAKMAKApplications of Electromagnetic Phenomena in Periodic Structures2012E. Özbay
AYÇA ÖZÇELİKKALE HÜNERLİSignal Representation and Recovery Under Measurement Constraints2012H. Özaktaş
BERKAN DÜLEKOptimal Stochastic Approaches for Signal Detection and
Estimation under Inequality Constraints
2012S. Gezici
BURAK ALİŞANComputation of Surface Fields Excited on Arbitrary Smooth Convex Surfaces with an Impedance Boundary Condition2012V.B. Ertürk
EMRE KOPANOĞLU Novel Techniques Regarding Specific Absorbtion Rate and
Field of View Reducing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2012E. Atalar
EMRE SARIElectric Field Dependent Optoelectronic Nature of InGaN/GaN Quantum Structures and Devices2012H.V. Demir
ERDEM ULUSOYSignal Processing Based Solutions for Holographic Displays That Use Binary Spatial Light Modulators2012H. Özaktaş
İ. EVRİM ÇOLAKWaveguiding of Electromagnetic Waves and Investigation of Negative Qhase Velocity in Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials2012E. Özbay
KIVANÇ KÖSESignal and Image Processing Algorithms Using Interval Convex Programming and Sparity2012A.E. Çetin
OĞUZHAN ATAKAn Execution Triggered Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architecture2012A. Atalar
ŞAKİR KARANMethod of Moments Analysis of Microstrip Antennas in Cylindrically Stratified Media Using Closed-form Green's Functions2012V.B. Ertürk
FAHRİ YARAŞThree-Dimensional Holographic Video Display Systems Using Multiple Spatial light Modulators2011L. Onural
KEREM ALTUNIntelligent Sensing for Robot Mapping and Simultaneous
Human Localization and Activity Recognition
2011B. Barshan
SEDAT NİZAMOĞLUNovel Nanocrystal-Integrated LEDs Utilizing Radiative and nonradiative Energy Transfer for High-Quality Efficient Light Generation2011H.V. Demir
SUAT BAYRAMAlternative Approaches and Noise Benefits in Hypothesis-
Testing Problems in the Presence of Partial Information
2011S. Gezici
YİĞİTCAN ERYAMANNovel SAR Reduction Methods for Magnetic
Resonance Imaging
2011E. Atalar
A. SELİM OLÇUMDeep Collapse Mode Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers2010A. Atalar
BAYRAM BÜTÜNUltraviolet-Visible Nanophotonic Devices2010E. Özbay
CANAN AYDOĞDUAn Analytical Model for IEEE 802.11 DCF in Multi-HOP Wireless Networks and Its Application to Goodput and Energy Analysis2010E. Karaşan
GÖKHAN BORA ESMERCalculation of Scalar Optical Diffraction Field From Its Distributed Samples Over the Space2010L. Onural
HAYDAR ÇELİKNovel Magnetic Resonance Technologies for
Image-Guided Interventions
2010E. Atalar
M. BURAK GÜLDOĞANDevelopment of New Array Signal Processing Techniques Using Swarm Intelligence2010O. Arıkan
M. NİYAZİ ŞENLİKRadiation Impedance of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers2010A. Atalar
NAMIK ŞENGEZERMulti-Layer Traffic Engineering in Optical Networks Under Physica Layer Impairments2010E. Karaşan
ROHAT MELİKNovel Wireless RF-Biomems Implant Sensors of Metamaterials2010H.V. Demir
TAHİR MALASEffctive Preconditioners for Iterative Solutions of Large-Scale Surface-Integral-Equation Problems2010L. Gürel
A. SERDAR TANError resilient stereoscopic video streaming using
model-based fountain codes
2009E. Arıkan
B. UĞUR TÖREYİNFire Detection Algorithms Using Multimodal Signal and Image Analysis2009A.E. Çetin
CELAL ALP TUNÇAntenna Analysis/Design and Propagation Channel Modeling for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems2009A. Altıntaş
H. EMRE KANKAYAPerformance Evaluation of Telecommunication Networks Based on Multi-Regime Fluid Queues2009N. Akar
ÖZGÜR SALİH ERGÜLAccurate and Efficient Solutions of Electromagnetics Problems with the Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm2009L. Gürel
ZEYNEP YÜCELComputer Vision Based Behavior Analysis2009A.B. Özgüler
EMRE YETGİNERDynamic Wavelength Allocation in IP/WDM Metro Access Networks2008E. Karaşan
ALİ BOZBEYInvestigation, Modeling and Applications Feasibility of the Thermal Crosstalk in High Tc Edge Transition Bolometer Arrays2006M. Fardmanesh
TAYFUN AYTAÇA Comparative Analysis of Different Approaches to
Target Differentiation and Localization using Infrared Sensors
2006B. Barshan
MÜJDAT BALANTEKİNNanomechanical Characterization of Materials by Enhanced Higher Harmonics of a Tapping Cantilever2005A. Atalar
RIZWAN AKRAMFabrication and Optimization of rf-Squid and Squid Integration Assembly for High Resolution Magnetic Imaging System2005M. Fardmanesh
ZİYA GÜRKAN FİGENNanosecond Upconversion Optical Parametric Oscillators2005O. Aytür
NECMİ BIYIKLIHigh-Performance AlxGA1-xN-Based UV Photodetectors for Visible/Solar-Blind Applications2004E. Özbay
A. KEMAL ÖZDEMİRTime-Frequency Component Analyzer2003O. Arıkan
KARIM SAADAOUİDynamic Controller Design Via Parametric Methods2003A.B. Özgüler
LÜTFİYE DURAKNovel Time-Frequency Analysis Techniques for Deterministic Signals2003O. Arıkan
KAHRAMAN GÜÇLÜ KÖPRÜLÜAnalysis of Gaussion-Beam Pumped Optical Parametric Amplifiers for the Generation of Squeezed States of Light2002O. Aytür
MURAT AKGÜLAnalysis and Design of Switching and Fuzzy Systems2002Ö. Morgül
TOLGA KARTALOĞLULaser Wavelength Upconversion with Optical Parametric Oscillators Using Simultaneously Phase-Matched Crystals2002O. Aytür
BİRSEN AYRULU ERDEMA Comparison of Different Approaches to Target
Differentiation with Sonar
2001B. Barshan
ERCAN SOLAKNonlinear and Switching Observability and Observers2001Ö. Morgül
HAKAN KÖROĞLULinear Quadratic Control for Harmonic Signals2001Ö. Morgül
AYHAN BOZKURTModeling and Characterization of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers2000A. Atalar
BURAK ACARNew Techniques for Ventricular Repolarization and Heart Rate Variability Analysis2000H. Köymen
A. SUAT EKİNCİCircuit Theoretical Methods for Efficient Solution of Finite Element Structural Mechanics Problems1999A. Atalar
ARİF SANLI ERGUNA New Signal Detection Method for Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers1999A. Atalar
MEHMET ALPER KUTAYGeneralized Filtering Configurations with Applications in Digital and Optical Signal and Image Processing1999H. Özaktaş
METİN NAFİ GÜRCANComputer-Aided Diagnosis in Radiology1999A.E. Çetin
GÖKSENİN YARALIOĞLUNoise analysis of interdigital cantilevers for atomic force microscop1998A. Atalar
ÖMER NEZİH GEREKImage Coding for Digitized Libraries1998A.E. Çetin
A. AYDIN ALATANObject-Based 3-D Motion and Structure Analysis for Video Coding Applications1997L. Onural
M. FATİH ERDENRepeated Filtering in Consecutive Fractional Fourier Domains1997H. Özaktaş
MUHAMED ABD EL ATIA Framwork for handling connectlonless services in
ATM networks
1997E. Arıkan
NOYAN KINAYMANA Novel CAD algorithm for the analysis of printed geometries1997İ. Aksun
TANER OĞUZERAnalysis of Cylindrical Reflector Antennas in the Presence of Circular Radomes by Complex Source-Dual Series Approach1996A. Altıntaş
ENGİN ERZİNNew Methods for Robust Speech Recognition1995A.E. Çetin
NİHAT CEM OĞUZPerformance of Two Level Forward Error Correction for Lost Cell Recovery in ATM Networks1995E. Ayanoğlu
OGAN OCALIRobust Sampled-Data Control1995M.E. Sezer
GÖZDE BOZDAĞIThree-Dimensional Facial Motion and Structure Estimation in Video Coding1994L. Onural
MUSTAFA ÇELİKFast Algorithms for Linear and Nonlinear Microwave Circuit Simulation1994A. Atalar
SATILMIŞ TOPÇUPlawe: A Piecewise Linear Circuit Simulator Using Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation1994A. Atalar
NAİL AKARPerformance analysis of an asynchronous transfer
mode multiplexer with markov modulated inputs
1993E. Arıkan
KONURALP ÜNYELİOĞLUStabilization of multivariable systems with constrained control structure1992M.E. Sezer
MUSTAFA KARAMANDigital Beamforming Techniques and VLSI Circuits for
Medical Ultrasound Imaging
1992H. Köymen
ERGİN ATALARMotion Artifact Reduction Techniques in Magnetic
Resonance Imaging
1991L. Onural
AYLA ŞEFİKStructural Analysis of Pole Assignment and Stabilization
in Dynamic Systems
1989M.E. Sezer